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Bakery products / Instant

B0002Custard-Powder Mango Flavour Ahmed300g
B0003Custard-Powder Vanille FlavourAhmed300g
B0004Dosai Mix Gits 200g
B0005Dosai Mix Gits 500g
B0006Eggnoodles, Quick cookinglonglife500g
B0007Farfar-Chips trS200g
B0008Glasnoodles, MoongLungkow500g
B0009Glasnoodles, ReisFarmer500g
B0010Gulab Jamun MixGits 200g
B0011Gulab Jamun MixMtr200g
B0012Gulab Jamun Mix Gits 100g
B0013Idli MixGits 200g
B0014Idli Mix SpicyMtr500g
B0015Jalebi Mix Gits 100g
B0016Kheer Mix Gits 125g
B0017Kheer Mix-Pista Ahmed180g
B0018Kheer Mix-Safran Ahmed180g
B0019Prawn Flavoured Crackers unfriedJumbo227g
B0020Milk Powder Nido400g
B0021Noodles 2-Minute, ChickenMaggi100g
B0022Noodles 2-Minute, Masala Maggi100g
B0023Noodle soup, Duck yum yum60g
B0024Noodle soup, Vegetableyum yum60g
B0025Noodle soup, Chickenyum yum60g
B0026Noodle soup, Pork yum yum60g
B0027Noodle soup, Prawnyum yum60g
B0028Pakora MixGits 200g
B0029Papad Plain Lijjat200g
B0030Papad Green Chilli Lijjat200g
B0031Papad Garlic Lijjat200g
B0032Papad Cumin Lijjat200g
B0033Papad Madras trS200g
B0034Papad Punjabi Lijjat200g
B0035Papad Red Chilli Lijjat200g
B0036Ras Malai Mix Gits 150g
B0037Rava Dosa MixMtr500g
B0038Rava Idli MixMtr500g
B0040Sambar Mix Gits 100g
B0041Sambar Mix Gits 200g
B0042Sevian / Vermicelli Ahmad200g
B0043Vadai Mix Gits 200g
B0044Vadai Mix Gits 500g
B0045Crushed Wheat / Dalia trS500g

You may wonder why you cannot find any prices in our list of articles. The reason for this is that we do not retail our shop online! If you send us an e-mail or a fax with an enquiry regarding our products we will inform you about the actuel prices. Then it is up to you which articles come into consideration. The total costs are composed of the amount of your invoice + postage and handling charges (7,50€ up to 30kg). Your package only will be sent to you (by DHL) against prior payment.
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