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Organic tea / Ayurveda Mixture

D0001Maharishi Churna Glas, Kapha Maharishi1St.
D0002Maharishi Churnaglas, PitaMaharishi1St.
D0003Maharishi Churnaglas, VataMaharishi1St.
D0004Maharishi Churnatüte, KaphaMaharishi1St.
D0005Maharishi Churnatüte, PitaMaharishi1St.
D0006Maharishi Churnatüte, VataMaharishi1St.
D0007Maharishi Frauen RasayanaMaharishi1St.
D0008Maharishi Hair & Nails Rasayana Maharishi1St.
D0009Maharishi Massageoil KaphaMaharishi1St.
D0010Maharishi Massageoil PitaMaharishi1St.
D0011Maharishi Massageoil VataMaharishi1St.
D0012Maharishi Nasiyaoil 10ml.Maharishi1St.
D0013Maharishi Tea organic, KaphaMaharishi1St.
D0014Maharishi Tea organic, PitaMaharishi1St.
D0015Maharishi Tea organic, VataMaharishi1St.
D0016Maharishi triclean 50gMaharishi1St.
D0017Yarishi,Chai Tea Yarishi15tb
D0018Yarishi, Feel your StrengthYarishi15tb
D0019Yarishi, Women TeaYarishi15tb
D0020Yarishi, Men TeaYarishi15tb
D0021Yarishi, Rest and Relaxation Tea Yarishi15tb
D0022Yarishi, Create Power Tea Yarishi15tb
D0023Yarishi, Ginger Fresh Tea Yarishi15tb
D0024Yarishi, Inner Peace Tea Yarishi15tb
D0025Yarishi, Prime of Life Tea Yarishi15tb
D0026Yarishi, Care for your Voice Yarishi15tb
D0027Yarishi, Slumbertime TeaYarishi15tb
D0028Yarishi, Soul Harmony Tea Yarishi15tb
D0029Yarishi, Wellness Tea Yarishi15tb
D0030Yogi Evening Tea Yogi15tb
D0031Yogi Breath Tea Yogi15tb
D0032Yogi Aura Tea Yogi15tb
D0033Yogi Black Chai Yogi15tb
D0034Yogi Digestive Tea Yogi15tb
D0035Yogi Women Balance TeaYogi15tb
D0036Yogi Women Fitness Yogi15tb
D0037Yogi Women Power Yogi15tb
D0038Yogi Women Tea Yogi15tb
D0039Yogi Green Chai Yogi15tb
D0040Yogi Green Harmony Yogi15tb
D0041Yogi Geen Power Yogi15tb
D0042Yogi Green Guardian Yogi15tb
D0043Yogi Throatwell Tea Yogi15tb
D0044Yogi Himmlischer Glücks Tea Yogi15tb
D0045Yogi Ginger Hibiscus Yogi15tb
D0046Yogi Ginger Lemon Tea Yogi15tb
D0047Yogi Klarer Geist Tb Yogi15tb
D0048Yogi Kleiner Kur Tea Yogi15tb
D0049Yogi Liquorice Tb Yogi15tb
D0050Yogi Happylife Yogi15tb
D0051Yogi Lemon Mint Yogi15tb
D0052Yogi Men TeaYogi15tb
D0053Yogi Rainweather Tea Yogi15tb
D0054Yogi Revital Tea Yogi15tb
D0055Yogi Roibush Yogi15tb
D0056Yogi Relax Tea Yogi15tb
D0057Yogi Sweet Chai Yogi15tb
D0058Yogi Sweet Chili Yogi15tb
D0059Yogi Tea Choco Yogi90g
D0060Yogi Tea Choco Yogi15tb
D0061Yogi Tea ClassicYogi1Kg
D0062Yogi Tea Classic Yogi100g
D0063Yogi Tea Classic Yogi15tb
D0064Yogi Tea Classic Yogi250g
D0065Yogi Tea Himalaya Yogi15tb
D0066Yogi Tea Himalaya Yogi90g
D0067Yogi Tea Jamaica Yogi100g
D0068Yogi Tea Jamaica Yogi15tb
D0069Yogi Tea Porcelaincup Yogi1Tasse
D0070Yogi Tulsi Mint Yogi15tb
D0071Yogi Wonderful Morning Tea Yogi15tb
DD003Boswelia Serrata/Indian-incenseS.V.G40g
DD005Fleeseeds,whole, IndianS.V.G200g
DD006Fleeseeds,husk, IndianS.V.G100g
DD007Guduchi Tea with GingerA-K100g
DD009whole, IndianS.V.G50g
DD010Longpepper, powderA-K50g
DD012Shakara / rawsugarS.V.P500g
DD014Liquorice, whole, IndianS.V.G40g
DD015Liquorice, Powder, IndianS.V.G50g
DD018Tulsi / Indian Basil powderA-K50g

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