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Pickles / Paste / Sauces

P0001Balti PastePasco285g
P0002Baltipaste PatakPatak283g
P0003Bamboo StripesTwin Eleph.227g
P0004Bamboo Slices Twin Eleph.540g
P0005Bhuna PastePasco285g
P0006Biryanipaste PatakPatak283g
P0007Brinjalpickle PatakPatak283g
P0008Chili Coconut Sauce CeylonRabeena350g
P0009Chili Sauce, extra hot Sriracha 200ml
P0010Chili Sauce, extra hot Sriracha 455ml
P0011Chili Sauce, hot Sriracha 200ml
P0012Chili Sauce, hot Sriracha 455ml
P0013Chilipickle Patak283g
P0014Chilisauce Chicken Cock 800g.
P0015Chilisauce Chicken Cock 310g
P0016Chilisauce Chicken Cock 180g
P0017Curry Paste GreenLobo50g
P0018Currypaste Extra Hot PatakPatak283g
P0019Currypaste Mild PatakPatak283g
P0020Date&Lime Chutney SrilankaRabeena450g
P0021Fish SauceYeo300ml.
P0022Garam Masala Paste Patak283g
P0023Greenmasala PastePasco285g
P0024Gulkand / Roseleaves JamAhmed400g
P0025Hoisin SauceYeo250ml.
P0026Kababpaste Patak283g
P0027Kashmiripaste Patak227g
P0028Chickpeas in Tin Schani800g.
P0029Chickpeas in Tin Schani400g
P0030Garlicpickle Patak283g
P0031Coriander Chutney Schani300g
P0032Corianderleaves Pickle Ex.HotMtr300g
P0033Korma Paste Pasco283g
P0034Korma-Paste Patak283g
P0035Lime Pickle Mild Patak283g
P0036Lime Pickles HotPatak283g
P0037Limepickle Pachranga800g
P0038Limonen Pickle Mild Pasco283g
P0039Lobo Curry Paste, yellowLobo725ml.
P0040Lobo Curry Paste, redLobo50g
P0041Madras Curry MarinadeAHG50g
P0042Madras Currypaste Patak283g
P0043Madras PastePasco285g
P0044Makhani-Chicken Curry MarinadeAHG50g
P0045Pachranga Mango Pickle India12x850g
P0046Pachranga Rotechilli Pickle India12X800g
P0047Rogan Josh-Sauce6x283g
P0048Rogan Josh-Paste6x283g
P0049Tandooripaste 6x312g312g
P0050Mango Chutney Rajah2,9Kg
P0051Mango Chutney hotPatak340g
P0052Mango Chutney SweetPatak340g
P0053Mango PickelAhmed1Kg
P0054Mango Pickel peeledPachranga800g
P0055Mango Pickel in Vinegar Camel850g
P0056Mango Pickel in Vinegar Camel500g
P0057Mango Pickle Mild Patak283g
P0058Mango Pickle Mild Pasco283g
P0059Mango Pickle HotPatak283g
P0060Mango Pickle HotPasco285g
P0061Jam MangoRabeena450g
P0062Marmite, YeastpasteMarmite125g
P0063Marmite, YeastpasteMarmite250g
P0064Mintsauce Colmann250ml.
P0065Mintsauce Pasco300ml.
P0066Mixed PickleAhmed1Kg
P0067Mixed PicklePasco285g
P0068Mixed Pickle Patak283g
P0069Pachranga Lemon Pickle Pachranga800g
P0070Pachranga Pickle, mixedPachranga800g.
P0071Roganjosh PastePasco285g
P0072Sambal Manis A.H.G375g
P0073Sambal Oelek Windmill370g
P0074Sambal Oelek Windmill750g
P0075Sambal Oelek Windmill200g
P0076Satey Sauce A.H.G250ml.
P0077Hot Chili Sauce Encona142ml.
P0078Sesame Paste /TahiniA.H.G300ml.
P0079SoyasproutsTwin Eleph.420g
P0080Soya Sauce, darkHoyanbridge750ml.
P0081Soya Sauce, lightHoyanbridge750ml.
P0082Soya Sauce, lightPRB250ml.
P0083Soya Sauce, lightPRB150ml.
P0084Spinach PureetrS800g
P0085Tamarind ChutneyPasco290g
P0086Tandoori Paste PatakPatak283g
P0087Tandoori Paste Patak285g
P0088Tandoori Tikka MarinadeAHG50g
P0089Tikka Paste Patak283g
P0090Tomatoes in Tin Italien400g


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